Goblins, part three!

  • Arabella, Merchant’s Assistant - she’s a space goblin, so from a world different from that of the others i drew so far. By space goblin i just mean she lives on a spaceship, in a technologically advanced world where she travels from one small asteroid colony to the other selling miscellaneous goods- or rather, trying to while the actual merchant keeps her and her nasty cigars as far away from the buyers as possible.
  • Xzyma, Storyteller - a mother of hundreds, she never left her home village, but watched it grow through her unnaturally long lifespan into a large city. She listened to the tales of countless travelers and warriors and remembers each story, recounting them to children and adults alike. It seems that if you have some time and money to spare, you can buy her some nice food smf she’ll tell you some of the bits she always leaves out of her tales.
  • Lucky, Berserk - what a terribly unfitting name for a soldier that was captured by dwarves, to be tortured and experimented on. He was thought dead until a monstrous, hulking creature was released from the fortress’ gate during a second siege. It seems that during the carnage that ensued, he never once stopped crying and begging for forgiveness. 
  • Scourge, Wrestler - Unabashed dwarf killer. Viciously violent and needlessly cruel on the battlefield, she trains constantly when she isn’t fighting and mutilates herself to learn how to bear increasingly worse pains. She makes it clear she has a personal vendetta against dwarves, but changes the story everytime you asks.

Small fact: Scourge and Lucky are (were?) childhood friends, although he isn’t the reason for her grudge. Might have been the straw that broke the camel’s back tho. I put more work into their backstory because i’m happy how the designs came out.

Drinking to forget your problems doesn’t really hold a candle to shredding them to dust, but every little bit helps.

The hat is from the Fullmetal Machinist set.

You want more goblins? Huh?
Wait, what do you mean no? 
Fuck you, here’s more goblins anyway. Here’s a little bit about these new guys.

  • Frostbite - Last Survivor. He was born during a storm and often suffers colds, hence the name. Became a hermit after being mutilated by dwarves during a siege.
  • Ankei - Blood Priestess. Worships the goddess of time and decay. Decorates her hair and body with markings in blood and, depending on the creature it came from, claims to be able to curse them. It is, therefore, a forbidden practice. It seems she is often seen wandering in the night where a battle will soon take place.
  • Scorcherer - Domme.Lives and works in a large human city. Formerly a slave, she wears chains around her ankles, and she can do very interesting things with them. Lazy and libertine only in appearance, as outside of work she’s a very different person. 
  • Hangr - General annoyance. yep it’s still the hanging goblin from the last post. Except this time he’s upside down, and this is when he was younger. His job is scaling walls during sieges to catch people behind their back, but he blew his cover more often than not by just failing to shut up.

Goblin prompts!

Send me a prompt, or class, or name, whatever, and I’ll draw a goblin, like the ones I drew the other day.
Everyone likes goblins.

Decided to color today’s inktober drawing.

I’m both really into goblins lately and really bothered by how little i’ve been experimenting with different body types and so on, so i took prompts from cursedeyes and drew some goblins based on them. They’re all female save for the hanging goblin.

  • Clusterfuck - archer. Paint on the face is ritualistic. Carries poisons should she be captured in war. Attaches fireworks to arrows for extra firing power, a bit like Chinese Fire Arrows. This left some pretty gnarly scars on her arms. 
  • Wallscaler - assassin. Has 7 children. Member of an assassin’s guild. Do not hire her as a cook, maid, or anything else really. Brews poisons in her stomach (long story) so her saliva is an active component in all of her deadliest recipes.
  • Yigritte the fair - princess. Fed up with the nearby goblin village kidnapping their children, the king of a small dwarven city gave decided to do the same and steal a goblin baby. However, as he was childless, she became the rightful heir to the throne, quickly growing on everyone. In the future, her lack of bard will probably cause more than one diplomatic incident.
  • Hanging goblin - corner of the page doodle. 

You’re free to send me prompts if you want. The gob love is real here.

First page of my new sketchbook.


I feel like there’s an itsy bitsy teeny weeny detail about Blatta that i forgot to mention… 

For reference: Clover is roughly 6 ft tall.

I’m never gonna remember to tag these posts with “inktober” am i?

Also, i accidentally watermarked this picture twice. Wowee.


Life on the outside ain’t what it used to be… #inktober #drawing #selfportrait #smoking

I’m away from home, so here’s an instagrammed snippet of today’s drawing.
Someday I’ll draw my undercut on the right side. Today Is not that day.

Inktober #5! Tinker using SCIENCE to open his brewksi. I drew him without helmet because i like drawing pointy ears.

Laser version added for a bit of extra color. And because lasers are cool.