Best friends forever

I’m having fun drawing odd/unusual Adventure Time pairings. Feel free to suggest me some more to doodle!

Anonymous asked: No anger, but why are bronies trash?


well let’s see

  • appropriated a TV show aimed at little girls and made it solely about themselves (and will, as the post I reblogged indicates, pitch a shit when you bring up this fact)
  • took characters from a show created and written by a feminist about feminist ideals and reduced them to nothing but over-sexualized waifu material and a mouthpiece for their misogynistic bullshit agenda (see Princess Molestia)
  • draw copious amounts of pornography of said characters, post them where they’re easily accessed by minors and then pitch a shit when other people tell them that they need to tag it or post it to appropriate websites
  • complacent (eager, even) to send death and rape threats to a teenage girl for trying (and succeeding) to get Princess Molestia taken down
  • sexually harassing minors, sexually harassing VAs at brony conventions
  • go into Absolute Batshit Racist Mode when any humanized ponies are depicted as ANYTHING other than white
  • fandom is fraught with homophobia/transphobia/transfetishism (Futashy)
  • etc
  • etc
  • etc
  • etc
  • I’m sure there’s a lot more but I honestly try to keep approximately 800000000000000 parsecs away from this putrid group of people, after—especially after—receiving several hateful comments simply because I stated (in passing) I didn’t like the show
  • and no, I really super do not care if “not all bronies are like that”; if you want to use willful ignorance as an excuse to associate yourself with a toxic fandom then that’s your business. don’t bring it to me

I try to keep my artblog with only art in it, but i feel this is something many of my new and old followers alike should read, because honestly i’m really uncomfortable going on my new followers’ blogs and finding porn of a children’s cartoon.


Headcanon is that Lemonblack is the one who’s scared of physical contact. Lemonwhite isn’t but he knows about his “brother“‘s hangups and lets him initiate physical contact at his own pace.

It’s my birthday today, so i rewarded myself with art since i’m too sick to leave the house.

Mother and children.