Guess what!

New pornblog, that’s what.

I mostly made it to store contents that could be triggering or things that i don’t want in my here main blog. I tag stuff with accuracy so there’s no risk of running into it if you don’t wanna see it, but i still wanted a dedicated blog for it.


Alright alright alright alright

edit: wow tumblr just let me upload my candy people porn what the hay

Best friends forever

I’m having fun drawing odd/unusual Adventure Time pairings. Feel free to suggest me some more to doodle!

Anonymous asked: No anger, but why are bronies trash?


well let’s see

  • appropriated a TV show aimed at little girls and made it solely about themselves (and will, as the post I reblogged indicates, pitch a shit when you bring up this fact)
  • took characters from a show created and written by a feminist about feminist ideals and reduced them to nothing but over-sexualized waifu material and a mouthpiece for their misogynistic bullshit agenda (see Princess Molestia)
  • draw copious amounts of pornography of said characters, post them where they’re easily accessed by minors and then pitch a shit when other people tell them that they need to tag it or post it to appropriate websites
  • complacent (eager, even) to send death and rape threats to a teenage girl for trying (and succeeding) to get Princess Molestia taken down
  • sexually harassing minors, sexually harassing VAs at brony conventions
  • go into Absolute Batshit Racist Mode when any humanized ponies are depicted as ANYTHING other than white
  • fandom is fraught with homophobia/transphobia/transfetishism (Futashy)
  • etc
  • etc
  • etc
  • etc
  • I’m sure there’s a lot more but I honestly try to keep approximately 800000000000000 parsecs away from this putrid group of people, after—especially after—receiving several hateful comments simply because I stated (in passing) I didn’t like the show
  • and no, I really super do not care if “not all bronies are like that”; if you want to use willful ignorance as an excuse to associate yourself with a toxic fandom then that’s your business. don’t bring it to me

I try to keep my artblog with only art in it, but i feel this is something many of my new and old followers alike should read, because honestly i’m really uncomfortable going on my new followers’ blogs and finding porn of a children’s cartoon.